We May Never Pass This Way Again…..

I heard this song on the radio today in the car. Very nostalgic. It first reminded me of my High School Graduation in 1979. We all had hopes and dreams that someday we would see each other again. Well, time goes on and this has a very different meaning for me today. I am working on truly feeling happy and have joy in my life every day. Tomorrow is never promised. I have no tolerance for mean,disrespectful people, that do not help others or that will ‘wait’ for something to do something.

The time is NOW. Do it now. Live today. Be kind today. Help other people today. Travel today. Buy it today. Smile today. Visit that person you haven’t seen in a while today. Love today. Be the best person you can be today.            No more excuses.

I surround myself with like minded people. They get my time and I get theirs.There is no room for the other kind in my world. My time here is very precious.

Think about it. YOU may never pass this way again………..