To Think or Not to Think


Reflecting back on my Chemo Treatments, I was so focused on the immediate side effects, that I did not really think about the possible long term ones. I was trying to take one day at a time. Well, I just had a follow up appointment on the general state of my health. My main concern was my brain. My thought patterns and focus issues were a side effect I thought would get better as I am no longer having Chemo treatments. It is called Chemo Brain. The symptoms were worse of course during the treatments and have gotten better. I was told I should have been doing simple word puzzles, reading children’s books, simple word-brain games, coloring for the hand-mind connection, or anything to keep the mind thinking but easy things. My mind was blank many times during treatment.I could not remember things. I just accepted it. You do not have to! If I can help anyone today, I would say exercise your brain every day during your chemo treatment with the suggestions above. I am doing these things now that I am Cancer Free. Healing is on-going. It’s all good. More tips here!