Time: Where does it go?

As I reflect on 2017 and 2 years 10 months being cancer free, each moment is precious. Each second is precious. Time….being born to our last breath…as a journey well spent with loved ones laughing, crying, eating, drinking, loving, listening, talking, just being, watching, holding, traveling, cooking, playing, and anything else on this adventure called Life. I remember thinking during my treatments that I was not afraid as I was probably still in shock, but I wanted my time to be well spent. With a strong belief in my healing and strength I did not know I had, I totally focused on being here no matter what. I decided to look to the future and plan a Victory Trip. That’s right. Made sense. I like plans even though life through me a curve ball in what I thought was my plan. I planned a Victory Trip. I planned on being here to celebrate being Cancer free. And I am. Spend time with your loved ones. It’s all about the time. May you all have a Happy, Healthful, Abundant New Year in 2018 full of love and laughter.

Enjoy this song reflecting on just having 5 more minutes….