Time to ‘Shrink the Tumor’


I made the decision to shrink the tumor so surgery would hopefully have clear margins and get the whole tumor out of me! I wanted to maintain my strength. I wanted to still be me. Whoever that is. Can I still be that person? Will I be that person while going through this journey or even afterwards? I saw this quote and I resonated with it. I looked at it daily and had it posted on doors where I lived during my Radiation Treatments. That’s another story. The Doctors tell you that every patient is different. And we are. But, some common side effects of the Chemo drugs are in every patient. I decided to be pro-active and try to be ahead of the side effects. Sometimes it worked, some times  it did not. So many terms are thrown at you. The Chemo Drugs. The  medicines to counter act the treatments. The protection medicines. The fluids. I envisioned the chemo going directly into the tumor every day. I envisioned it shrinking every day.I rested every day.I kept the Faith. #cancer #cure