Time to make the donuts…I mean ‘Shave my Head’

We can not control many things in life, but the things that we can control, we should act on.2014071995125309

I was told that my hair would start falling out about two weeks after my first Chemo treatment which was July 14,2014. I did not want to be in the shower washing my hair and have a clump of hair dislodge from my head. I did not want to be brushing my hair and a hair ball be in my comb.My hair was going to fall out anyways. I would be wearing a wig soon anyways. I took action. I tried on numerous wigs at Dana-Farber Hospital’s ‘Friend’s Place Salon’ after I finished my 3 day blast of Chemo. Short. Long, Blonde.Blue. Yes, like Katie Perry had at one time. Unfortunately, I can not find that picture to share with you. I settled on something similar and familiar to me. My current hair style. Looking back, I wished I was totally different. You see, I was in denial. I wanted my privacy. I wanted people to see me and not know I had Cancer. It worked. I felt good. That’s what it is about. Be true to you, whatever you decide to do. #cancer #cure