The Tin Man wanted a Heart

Tin manI had just finished my 5th chemotherapy treatment. Halloween was a couple of weeks ago. My vision from the Wizard of Oz was working, albiet slowly. The tumor was shrinking. It needed more water/chemo. The tumor in my lung was very large and was pushing on my heart. Being too close to other major organs, was the main reason surgery was out of the question in the beginning. Shrink with chemo, kill the tumor cells with radiation, so when surgery came, there was clear margins and the tumor was not near the major organs. My second scan showed the tumor further away from the heart. On Halloween, I saw a person dressed up as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz handing out newspapers at the Back Bay Train Station in Boston. The symbolism for me, was that, I got my heart back.

The tumor was no longer touching my heart. I am healing.