Signs, Signs, Everywhere

IMG_0470Have you ever noticed when you are walking and suddenly you look down and see a penny? This is a Spiritual sign a loved one who has passed is sending to you. “You are Loved” “You are Valued”  Signs can be animals, electricity going haywire, words on a truck, repetitive numbers and more. It was 2 weeks after my Chemo Treatment and as always, the start of the 3rd week , I am strong enough to go to work. I am very blessed to work for a company that allowed me to come to work whenever I was able. I work in Boston, MA and I use public transportation. As I am walking to the next train via the hallway, someone had posted this saying on the Train Map on the wall: ” Help a Soul…Become an Angel…if you choose!” I felt this was a sign to me that Someone was looking out for me from upstairs, specifically , my dad. My birth name is “Angelina”. The nickname I have been called all my life is “Angel”. I will always be his “Angel“. #cancer #spiritualsigns #angels