Rest, Work, and Repeat


I wanted some semblance of normal. What is normal? Normal to me was living my life with a job I liked, living on my own, spending time with family and friends and just enjoying what life has to offer. Now, I had to back up and stop this sense of normal. My Chemo Treatments were 3 days in a row, anywhere from 5 to 7 hours. Of course, the initial few days were 10-12 hours. The week after treatment, my body would have low immune levels and I was told to remain inside or if I go out, put on a hospital mask as I should not get sick at all. If anyone came to visit, they should be healthy. For two weeks, I was basically indoors. I did go to the grocery store,sometimes I wore a hospital mask, sometimes not. I was fully aware of others and if they were coughing and sick. It was better to stay home. I did go for walks outside when no one was around. It was nice and peaceful. This is not normal. The third week, I was feeling a lot better and I was able to work. I was so happy to be in a familiar place and feel as if it was normal, as it was part of a routine for me. I did not give up. Rest, Work, and Repeat.  #cancer #cure