Minding the Mind to Mend the Body

Best selling Author and Speaker Mike Dooley says “Thoughts become things…Choose the good ones”. Wayne Dyer, Self Help Author and Motivational Speaker, says “When you change the the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. I wanted to change the Cancer inside of me. I wanted to change the way I looked at it. Often people say they want to fight the cancer, to kill it. I certainly did not want to love it but when I picture fighting something, it often will fight back. I did not want that either. My mindset was to Heal it and get it out of my body! Like Roberta Flack sings in her song: Killing it Softly. Besides envisioning it shrinking during my Chemo infusions, like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz shrinking by water, I wanted a “HAPPY” mindset while I was at Dana-Farber. I love music. I downloaded songs to my phone and my laptop. I was known as the music patient. The first song I played at every treatment as they were ‘hooking’ me up to start the fluids was “HAPPY” by Pharrell Williams. This was my new normal. #cancer #cure