Last day of Chemo and Faith


It was kind of ironic that the last day of Chemotherapy in December 2014, coincided with a Healing Mass that a very good friend invited me to. I went from my last chemo treatment to a quick dinner, then to the Church that evening. Many people were there. I believe in a higher power. I believe in God. You can believe whatever you want. This works for me. I have never wavered that I would not be here to live out my life. Well, maybe a few times. My thoughts of being cured, of being a grandmother someday, of traveling to Europe and wherever I want, of spending time with my friends and family creating memories and more, is more powerful than anything. My will to live was stronger than whatever this thing called cancer is inside of me. I felt empowered and very grateful to my dear friend for sharing this moment with me. One treatment down. Two to go. It’s all good.

Perfect health