It’s a New Year, so it’s time to LIVESTRONG



Imagine your body is beat up, muscle is gone, your tired, you’ve lost weight, you can’t sleep, your strength is gone, surgery from the cancer removal leaves scars that get inflamed and cut into nerves…there in spots that when you stretch you are in pain still, your just plain weak. YET, you are cancer free. Just thankful to not have cancer. It’s been 2 years and almost 11 months that I am cancer free and yet I still do not have my full strength back yet. WTF YET, I am happy to be alive. It’s time to begin the way back up.

I was at Dana Farber last November for one of my scan results and I ran into a friend who is still ill with that rare cancer we shared, Sarcoma. She mentioned the doctor did not approve her for the LiveStrong program as she is still weak. I asked about it. I want to be strong. I got my doctor to approve me for a great program that is offered to all Cancer patients going through cancer or a survivor. They will help me gain back my strength by having a personal trainer, teach me what is good for me at my level of being. I am very optimistic and excited to move forward and accept this new normal body.

If you want to get stronger too, check for a local YMCA that offers this program for you. I have met some great people and am  excited to continue this journey with fellow survivors.

Link here: