I wished I picked a more colorful wig……..

Old and Ordinary or Colorful and New? Ya know, one never knows what they will do or react when going through cancer treatments. I was pro-active and shaved my head as I did not want clumps of my long hair falling out. I guess, I stayed safe. I picked a wig, that was more like my old hair that I shaved off. Similar yet different. I did not want things to change. But, I was changing. Looking back, being cancer free for a couple of years, makes me think. I would have liked to have worn a blue wig or yellow or purple. Who cares? It’s only hair and it does grow back! I wish I was less fearful and lived with the freedom of not caring what I looked like. I  played it safe with my vanity. All I know is, life can be short, so wear anything you want. Be you. Wear that colorful wig or do whatever you want. It is a new you emerging. Show off!


Here is the link to Dana Farber’s site about Hair Loss and Wig purchases. I should have bought that blue wig and looked like Katie Perry. Just saying…….

Wigs and Hair Care for Cancer Patients at Dana-Farber Boston