I hate f#%$&*%ing needles, don’t you?

As I meet other people at a LiveStrong program that are trying to get our strong      pre-cancer body back, we are sharing stories. Did you shave your head? Did you continue to work? Did you do Chemo or Radiation or just one of them? Did you get a port in your chest or did you get an IV every time? Odd conversations,  but our new normal. AND several of us had to be our own Patient Advocates.You see, needles suck. So many of us went through a day surgery to have installed a Power port that is put under the skin at the top of the chest that can take a smaller needle that snaps into it. It is easier than an IV being attached day after day for chemo treatments. Most nurses prefer them, others did not. At least 3 of us had to ask a nurse to be replaced with one that would use our power port. It amazes me that that even had to happen at all. The patient comes first. Do what is best for the patient.

Even after almost 3 years being cancer free, I still hate f#%$&*%ing needles. Speak up and be your own patient advocate. You deserve it. I did.