I felt a flood of emotions; mostly wondering how I was going to get through the initial exchange without falling to tears.

Deb BradleeI felt a flood of emotions; mostly wondering how I was going to get through the initial exchange without falling to tears.  Truly, I felt this could not possibly have a bad outcome – having three close family members that got on the other side of being sick with cancer – totally recovered, I just would not allow myself to think beyond you having a bad year.  I was truly disturbed and frightened for what devastation you would face in that bad year.
I was determined to be there and as I sat across from you I was thinking that I would help in any way I could – that this was my opportunity to show my friendship.  I felt that everything happens for a reason; however, I was shaken to the core; downright frightened.
(as you know I am not good with anything medical).
During the time you were sick I tried to pass on information I got from my one sister-in-law who was very open and very brave during her journey with cancer:
  • Keep focused that this is just going to be one bad year.
  • You grow through adversity.
  • Look forward to when this nightmare is over and you get a clean bill of health.
  • Schedule something to look forward to once you are better
  • Keep in control by cutting your hair before it falls out – keeping the upper hand with this dreadful disease.
  • Keep your faith
Your journey, your brevity, your calm determination, your ability to learn about your disease and give yourself the best shot – by taking control with diet and mindset – above everything, your A+ attitude proved that you can be sick and retain dignity.
You gave your friendship and smiled through it all!  I have a visual of you during this year smiling, quietly determined, with amazing faith, and being so brave;  You were a role model for being a good patient and a great friend.
I truly do not know where you got the strength for all you went through – BLA, BLA, BLA . . . just glad it is over!