I did not WIG out!

Jess and MomOne of my first thoughts when I  was told I had Cancer was “I guess I will be wearing a wig at Jessica’s Wedding”. Jessica is my middle daughter. I immediately thought of my looks and not that I may die. What???  Why are we, or should I say I, so vain? The world wants us to look like models and beauty queens. As we age, women and men, schedule a surgical procedure, voluntarily, to change their looks. REALLY? The idea of surgery is not appealing. The idea of dying is not appealing. I guess my mind went to the lesser of all evils. It is only hair after all and it does grow back! I proudly wore my wig that Raquel Welch designed and felt beautiful. I did not feel like me. I did not look like me. I guess this was the new me. The sun shone on us all that summer day in August 2014. Family, friends and love was celebrated.