Hope Lodge in Boston

Appropriately named, Hope Lodge is the place I stayed for 6 weeks from right after Christmas in 2014 until February 6, 2015. Patients who live far away from their hospitals that need daily treatment of any kind, can apply to live here, with their doctors’ recommendation for housing. There are places for children, like the Ronald McDonald House, and Hope Lodge is for adults. It felt like home. Loving people and a private apartment for me helped me get to daily treatments without stress of traveling. Volunteers prepared meals for us at least twice a week.I also, had a shared kitchen with my own cabinet and refrigerator space, so that I could make my own meals. Game nights, yoga, a library and theatre room to watch movies was so comforting. Hope Lodge is solely run on donations. What a gift to people in their time of need. Reach out to your doctor if you have such a need. It is one less thing to worry about.