Happiness is a Choice


I believe our Thoughts create our Reality.I believe in the Law of Attraction. Your sub-conscious is a very strong denominator in your current health status. Dis-ease is created by our emotional thoughts, like stress or negativity, that is there for a long time. We all go through life with ups and downs. It’s when we are in turmoil or stress for a long time, that illness or dis-ease is created inside of us. It can come in any form. A cold, a broken limb, a tumor, and yes, Cancer. Many things can cause Cancer, like our foods with pesticides or the chemicals we use to clean things. Bottom line is: Choose wisely. Choose your thoughts. Choose what you put in your mouth. Choose what products you use that touch your skin. Choose to live a healthy life.

I chose to look at getting Cancer as something I needed to look at and heal myself emotionally, physically and spiritually. I chose to feel and truly believe that I will be cured of Cancer. All my thoughts focused on healing. I did not allow un-happiness or drama in my life. A tall order for sure. When I was confronted with emotions, drama or negativity, I did my best to deal with it head on, and move on to a happier state. It was not easy. I allowed myself 15 minutes a day of crying or venting to friends and family to get it out of my system. I am truly blessed to have the most loving people in my life through this journey. #cure #cancer #lawofattraction