Follow the Yellow Brick Road


The Beginning of Tests. What is it? It’s a Mass on your lungs. Biopsy.More Tests. UGH! What the heck is it? After 3 weeks go by, I learn I have “Monophasic Synovial Sarcoma” the doctor states. I just stare at him as he doesn’t continue. I then ask “What is that? Is that Cancer?” He says “Yes.” All I can think of and apparently I stated out loud ” I don’t have time for this.” The doctor, who is a surgeon, reminded me of this statement I made prior to surgery 9 months later. That is another story. Right now, I feel Shock and Awe. They must have selected the wrong results. That is not me. I asked the doctor to check and make sure those were my tests.   He stated “You have the right to ask that question. But, yes, those are your results.” #cancer #cure