Everything is Temporary

Controlling changeOne of my new Mantras began to be:

“Everything is Temporary”

It seemed every time I asked about something or wondered why or felt good or felt bad, it was all temporary. I would feel good soon. I would know later. I would live somewhere else. There was always an answer. It didn’t matter. Change was the ever constant. Why do we always want to know why something is or what something is, when is it going to end, when is it going to begin? Acceptance. I accepted my treatments and created my breather. It came in the form of a delay in the next chemo treatment. The chemo was weakening my blood vessels around the tumor in my lung. I needed surgery to clamp the blood vessels. If they burst, the cancer would spread throughout my body. Embolization to prevent aneurysms was the medical term the Doctors used. I was ready for this day surgery and happy I was not having another chemo treatment.