Envisioning my Future

Melted tumor

I had to think quick. I wanted that tumor out of me NOW! I still could not believe a mini grapefruit resides in my lower right lung. Yes, I am in denial. I am not ready to go to the special place called ‘Heaven’ yet. At least , that’s where I think I will be going. Too much to do, and see, and be, and create memories with loved ones. Consultations for treatment with Sarcoma Specialists and the surgeon at Dana-Farber in Boston, MA was overwhelming. All this information. What to do? Questions, lots of them. If removed now, with no clear margins, it could spread. Chemo and Radiation treatments could shrink it, and then remove. Possibly all of it.No guarantees. WTF

I decided to go with the Chemo Treatments to shrink it. So, I decided to envision the chemo being poured directly into the tumor shrinking it. Especially, during my treatments. Similar to the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, having water poured on her and she ‘melted’ or was shrinking to nothingness. That was what I wanted my tumor to do. And so it begins. #cancer #cure