Celebrate every Victory, no matter how small……



The Patriots just won the Superbowl. Their 5th one and the parade did go on.All victories should be celebrated no how many times you win or are a success at something. I attended a class on Parade day when the instructor responded to my comment that I wish I was there in this way: “You already had a parade. It’s just another parade.”

That did not sit well for me. When a high school football team wins their championship for a 2nd year in a row. We celebrate. When your child gets an A again in Math, you celebrate. We do not diminish that victory in any way. What does that say about living life with joy?

I remember when I had my first CT scan to determine how much my grapefruit size tumor in my lung had shrunk. The results: the tumor shrunk 1 cm. I cried. The doctor looked at me and said: “This is a very good thing. The tumor could have grown or it could have not shrunk at all. We are moving in the right direction.”

I celebrated when I felt well after chemo. I celebrated when my tumor shrunk again. I celebrated when it was gone.

Live life to the fullest and celebrate every f*&^%$#ing tiny victory!