Anyone can get Cancer

ALl ribbons

Where does one begin?

“You’ve got Cancer”

Words no one wants to hear. I certainly did not ever expect to hear those words. Imagine. One day you might too. Scary to even think about. We are fearless. We are forever thinking we have all the time in the world to do whatever, whenever we want to. Right? Think again. We do not know what specifically causes Cancer. Yet. Research is ongoing. Is it the food we eat? Is it the chemical cleaners we use? Is is stress? Can our emotions cause dis-ease in our DNA? We are all Energy. What did one chromosome say to another chromosome? What happens if they do not like each other? I had a gene mutation. That about sums it up. One gene did not like another one and they mutated into a tumor. Very, very rare Cancer. Here is my story and more, that I hope will help inspire, support and help anyone going through this experience themselves or with a loved one. #cancer #cure