Can we cure Cancer in our lifetime?

Cancer curedThis is a question many people have asked. Here is a great article from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. Please continue to support research for ALL Cancers.

Let’s heal everyone.#cure #cancer #cancercure

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2 thoughts on “Can we cure Cancer in our lifetime?

  • Yes, it is possible to cure cancer but does medical science or government want to cure it? Not too long ago there was a young girl about 15 years old, still in high school, who created a simple device to detect breast cancer. She proved it worked. Why didn’t our medical scientists pounce on her idea? It was sooo simple, and inexpensive.

    • Great Question Barbara! I think when we find something that is available to use on Humans and it is successful, we will then , know we have a cure. The tests on mice and rats is just that, on mice and rats, not humans. We need government agencies to allow more clinical trials on humans. I believe that will happen. Soon. Because, once we do have true positive results on humans, nothing and no one can stop the world from knowing.

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