And the beat goes on……….

Life goes on

The tumor has shrunk to about one half it’s size. The Doctors are pleased. I just want the thing out of me. It is now time for the second type of treatment to begin. Radiation. Radiation will kill any cancerous cells or burn the outside of the tumor so it can no longer grow. It is very focused and the beam goes direct to the place where it is located in your body. The preparation is very concise. A cast is needed in the area of your body so that you remain totally immobile during the Radiation treatment. Little dot-like tattoos are put on your body for placement of the beams, ensuring the radiation is being pointed in the right area. It is very localized. Radiation goes in your body on one side and goes out the other side. I was being prepared to get daily Radiation,once a day, Monday through Friday, for 6 consecutive weeks.

And the beat goes on…………