And so it begins…………

Sarcoma awareness month2

Decisions, Decisions. What to do.When to do it. Am I really immortal? Where to stay during my 3 consecutive day treatments at Dana-Farber as I live about an hour away? Where to live during this whole thing. What to do with all my stuff. All my belongings. It’s just stuff. How will I feel? Will I be strong? Who is around to help me? Do I want help? How do I tell people? REALLY? What can I eat? How will I feel? When will my hair begin to fall out? Do I shave my head now or wait? When do I buy a wig? What kind? I hate needles.I am solution oriented, so what’s the solution to this?         What was the name of this again? “Monophasic Synovial Sarcoma” A very rare Cancer. It is 1% of all Cancers. I just happen to be in that 1%. Aren’t I lucky? WTF

July, just happens to be Sarcoma Awareness Month. I am learning a lot. #cancer #cure