Always choose the window seat……

window-seatI have always loved nature and being outside. I never realized how much until I had to be constantly inside after receiving chemo treatments. You see, you have to sit ” inside ” the hospital room with tubes hanging off you while having treatment and then must stay       ” inside ” your home as your immunity lowers so you can not catch anything to make you weaker. The goal is to stay strong while treatments make you weak yet you must get rid of the cancer!! UGH!!  So, I always asked for the ” window seat ” when I arrived for treatments. That is: a room with a view, with large windows from floor to ceiling, while I sat there for 6-7 hours a day.

Do not be put in a box: a room with 4 walls!

Moving forward, 2 years, 2 months cancer free, I always get a window seat where ever I go…the world is a beautiful place to live………and enjoy………

P.S. The featured image on this page is the view from my hospital room after the successful surgery March 2, 2015


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