Do you remember what you were doing when JFK was shot?

hydrangea BarbaraDo you remember what you were doing when JFK was shot? That’s what it was like when Angel called to tell me about her cancer. It was a Saturday afternoon in June when the call came in; it was Angel and good to hear from her.
I retreated to our living room, which we rarely use, but the chairs are so comfortable, and Angel’s story of events unfolded.  A week earlier we talked about her new apartment that was going to be closer to the train station and her new job which she found so enjoyable, plus she had medical benefits!  All these good things that were happening came to a halt.

Angel was calm in her voice, explained the pain in her chest, shortness of breath, trip to the ER, and thinking she just had a bad cold, hopefully not pneumonia, get a script and be on her way. In and out is what Angel wanted; what we all wanted. Patience doesn’t come easy for Angel. Patience would come in time. “I rarely get sick” is what she said. ” If I do get a cold it would just last a day or two”. Other than that Angel was healthy.

The calm in her voice became irritated and annoyed ,  “Why me?” not wanting anyone else to have this diagnosis either, but you really have to wonder, right? I was devastated upon hearing the news, literally my heart sank. How could 1 person endure so much and why now? Why did God chose Angel?

Honestly, I wasn’t scared for Angel because we live in America, and the Boston area, where she has access to the very best medical care in the world. So many advancements were being made in the medical world; Angel was going to make it. Don’t get me wrong, I said prayers and had her name on several prayer groups. So the force (GOD) was with her.

Sure, I scoured the Internet for everything I could find. It’s frightening but I had to keep everything in perspective and be a positive presence in her life. It was good for both of us. I didn’t think I would have so much to say, but there is so much more but I need to wrap it up for now.

Lastly, when Angel’s daughters showed me the picture of tumor/cancer, right there on the surgical table, I can honestly say it was a demon and it looked like pure evil, and it was finally out of Angel.