As 1 of 11 siblings, I was the Chosen One!
My Journey: Healing Cancer with Grace

I, Angel Moscatelli, am just one person of many that has prevailed against Cancer. I am NED, or as they say in the medical field, No Evidence of Disease. I am here to share my experiences from being diagnosed, the 'journey' of treatment and how I handle every day I am breathing. My desire is to give hope, inspire, educate, give strength to anyone out there wanting to be Cancer Free or have someone in their life wanting to be Cancer Free. I used traditional medical methods for my treatment. I am cured today. There is a lot of controversy out there about whether to use traditional medical treatments or alternative medical methods for treatment. I say, whatever you choose is right for you. There is no right way or wrong way. It is just your way. What does your mind and heart say? Do not let others sway your choice. I did what was right for me.It worked. Chemo, Radiation,and finally surgery, has me Cancer Free. I did use some alternative medical methods like Reiki, Massage, Meditation, Praying, along with envisioning in my minds eye a picture of myself in optimal health constantly. I had Faith. You can too. I believed I would be here today. I AM. This site is to share what works and is not working, resources to use, support and more.Remember, choose what resonates with you. There is no one right answer when it comes to Cancer. Do you know why? It is because every patient is unique. Every patient is a different age, different health status, different mindset,different life style, and more. That is why treatments of any kind have different reactions on each person. Choose what is right for you and believe you will be Cancer Free. It's a great start and could even be a victory for you! May there be many more people prevailing over Cancer beginning today and every day.

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I would like to share my journey of healing cancer with grace with you!

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Angel Moscatelli
Angel Moscatelli
The mission of this website is to let people know you CAN prevail over Cancer. I hope this site inspires Hope & Faith in you and your loved ones. The strength you did not know you had, will allow you to be the winner of this journey.Believe. I did.
My First Post – Anyone can get cancer …
My First Post – Anyone can get cancer …
Where does one begin? “You’ve got Cancer” Words no one wants to hear. Here is my story and more, that I hope will help inspire, support and help anyone going through this experience themselves or with a loved one. Click here to read my very first journal entry.

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Cancer Victory Story Week 1

In 2001, the day after 9/11, I was diagnosed with cancer and had my own terror attack. As shocked and terrified as I was to receive this frightening diagnosis, I noticed that there was a small, but present part of me that seemed to be very calm. It felt as if I was in the arms of an Angel and a deep peacefulness enveloped me. Time seemed to slow down. Little did I know, how that small part of me, would become more of who I am today. I didn’t realize how cancer would give me such a profound experience that would change me forever. Up to that moment, I had been living a very stressful life, working long hours, building my psychotherapy practice, raising a teenage daughter and trying to keep it all together. I had been trying for years, to fix a marriage that was beyond repair. My heavy heart held the sadness like a sack of lead. My silent screams echoed in the deep regions of my Soul.
Sonny Rose
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Cancer Victory Story Week 2

Somewhere around August 2014 I began to notice that my appetite dropped off and I began losing weight. Since I had a history of digestive problems, I suspected that’s where the problem was. By the middle of December I had lost 18 pounds and developed a dry cough. My primary care doctor referred me to a gastrointestinal specialist and ordered a CT scan of my chest and abdomen. To my great surprise the chest scan revealed a large mass on my upper left lung. My first call was to my brother Paul and in talking with him about this news. I discovered I wasn’t experiencing any fear. I realized that instead of focusing on possible outcomes, I wanted to know what to do in the present.
Joe A.
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Cancer Victory Story Week 3

A journey has a beginning and an end, keep your mind positively focused on your victorious finale! When I was first diagnosed, I felt fear of course. But, felt a deep resolve and calm, because I knew that it was cancer. I had been told even with a palpable lump, by the Doctor who read my mammogram that I “just had very dense breast tissue.” So wanting to believe him, I waited a month and a half before I finally listened to my body, and got a second opinion. I honestly wanted a Doctor to validate what I already knew, that I had breast cancer. I chose to listen to my “rock star” doctors team, who made it clear upon my diagnosis, that every breast cancer patient requires a treatment plan specific to their cancer and their body. We decided that for my stage II triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma, I would undergo 4 chemotherapy infusions of Taxotere, and Cytoxin, a lumpectomy, and 6 1/2 weeks of radiation. Although I had a few friends suggesting everything from Ayurvedic medicine to coffee enemas, I chose traditional “western” cancer treatment. My doctors would only go forward with my treatment after a CT scan to determine that there was no other cancer present in my body, my genetic testing confirmed that no BRCA genes were present, and all of my markers were identified, so that every possible factor could be brought into the final treatment plan. I’m so grateful for their thoroughness.
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Cancer Victory Story Week 4

This will be the fourth victory article!!


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